Cool skins make every game even better – you are welcome to enjoy fashionable and stylish suits that will distinguish you from all the other players and make you look really great and unique. Customization in Fall Guys is truly amazing – there are so many suits and accessories to choose from! Popular skins are numerous and you are welcome to check them all out right here – we have gathered the best and brightest costumes for you. Skins are not only fashionable and cute, but also they make your character easy to differentiate from all the rest – you can see yourself clearly in the crowd and easily distinguish who is who! What is more, the highlight your personality and playing style. For example, if you are a real predator in the game, you can wear a costume of the wolf and all the other participants will know who you really are! Roar!

Also, you can try the costume of a pigeon – it is one of the funniest skins that are present in the game. This is one of the earliest costumes to unlock and you might have already seen it. During the first season of the game, pigeons and wolves were the most popular, so you have a chance to try them on as well right now. There are also rare skins that require more accomplishments and playing experience, but they are also present in this list – you can use them if you want to! For example, there is a super-funny costume of a hot-dog, so if you always dreamt to try it on, the time has come – you will become a real fast food that runs, hits, and wins the game! Pigeons fighting with hot dogs – this is something you can see in Fall Guys only! Also, the developers have created more skins like Vikings, wizards, and other characters. In the second season of the game there are Middle Ages themes, so the costumes are influenced by this historical period. You are welcome to become a knight or even a dragon if you want to.

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