Season 2


Fresh, hot, and extremely adorable, the second season of Fall Guys is already here! This chapter of the game is themed on the style of the Middle Ages, which means that castles, knights, horses, and towers are waiting for you and your friends here. The atmosphere of the new game is absolutely incredible and you willed finitely enjoy playing it on your own or with your buddies. As always, the developers of Fall Guys gladden fans with amazing content – unique, stylish, funny, bright, and super-cute. Little jelly beans are on their way to victory and you are one of them!

When the first season of this game appeared, millions of gamers started playing it. No wonder – this is one of the best battle royale titles that appeared this year. No wonder that so many people have been waiting for the second season to come. And here it is! Congratulations, because you have found the best place to enjoy it – our gaming platform. We are always the first to find out all the news, find the best and most awaited games, and provide them to our dear visitors. All free and available online! So, the second season of Fall Guys will bring you even more victories and failures, jokes and funny tasks, ideas and accomplishments.
In this part, you will see dragons that breathe with fire, fortresses to conquer, knights in the full armor (it is not that easy to knock them out), brave paladins, and more Medieval content and characters. There are more additions to see and you will definitely like them all, especially if you like fantasy stories! This part of the game includes new costumes, accessories, features, emotions of the characters, and other cool stuff. While everything you like about Fall Guys stays the same as you know it – the competition on the road and struggle for victory – there is a ton of new content that will definitely inspire you for the new victories. Take the heights and enjoy the game level by level. Grab your keyboard right now and immerse yourself into the game where so much fun is waiting for you and your buddies! Have fun and play Fall Guys for free right here and right now!

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