New Fall Guys


Finally! This day had come – you are welcome to try the free version of new Fall Guys, the freshest and most exciting part of the game. You have been waiting for that for so long, right? And now you have a chance to enjoy the coolest entertainment ever. Are you ready for another tough and incredible race with numerous competitors? Well, then here you go – just press the button and you are there. The game allows you to choose from an expanded list of characters – now there are more cute jelly guys included, so you can pick the one you like the most. The same can be said about the costumes and skins – now you are welcome to enjoy a full collection of brand new ones and all of them are united under the theme of medieval ages. Are you ready to enjoy your most favorite game in the very new look? Here you go then! It feels to familiar and absolutely new this time.

The Middle Ages theme combined with Fall Guys is something incredible. If you remember how comically they move, then you can imagine this. Jelly beans equipped like knights in the heavy armor push each other like crazy and try to get through the road with challenges – is there something more exciting and funny? The new costumes make the game look even more ridiculous, but still it is very exciting. As before, the game follows the format of a battle royale and competition. You are welcome to become one of 60 players – jelly beans – and make your way through endless levels with obstacles and mini-games. Well, they are not entirely endless, because each round makes the number of competitors smaller. Each time, some of you fail to get through the obstacles and lose the game. He/she is not transferred to the next level, so the amount of active players become smaller with every next stage. The game ends when the only one of you stays – the real champion of Fall Guys who have managed to deal with all the challenges fast and efficiently! Let this lucky one be you – play and win!
We have the newest version of the game located on this page and you are welcome to start playing it at any time you want, absolutely for free. Launch the game right from the window of your browser and have fun on your own or with your buddies. The game includes missions that are not only competitive, but also cooperative – unite your efforts with the other players and get through all the challenges if you can!

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