Fall Guys


The guys will fall tonight! And you are one of them. Are you ready to prove your superiority in the silliest race ever? Here you go then! This is the game you will definitely enjoy, especially in case you like a perfect combination of amazing cute characters (all original and funny), laws of physics that can be ignored, competitions, cooperation, and endless fun! The game is a race with obstacles, where you will have to make your way to the finish, getting through the obstacles as well as dealing with your rivals. Not only the local players are your enemies – you can also make some of them your friends and partners in the race. The game allows you to compete with them as well as to cooperate and unite your efforts in order to reach the finish unharmed and really fast.

The game is called Fall Guys because falling is something you will do all the time here. Not just falling, but failing! Failing like a really professional loser! This is a great failure where there is no remorse, only fun and enjoyment. Join the race now, prepare to run, dash, jump, and do everything for your victory. Maybe, you will win it or… who knows, it seems like the more you fail, the better – the real winner in this game is the biggest loser! Don’t be shy of your wacky moves – everyone is pretty clumsy here, but all of them look so cute and adorable.
When you start the game, there is a chance to choose yourself a runner – one of the funny characters from the list. Also, not only they look differently. They have various styles of running, fighting, and failing, of course. You can fail in any way you prefer – just make it funny! Choose accessorizes and customize the character in any way you want. For example, you can wear a hat or bunny ears. This will definitely make your failures even more enjoyable and you will like all the time during the entire match! Look cool, fail like a boss, and find your most engaging way of dealing with rivals! This is your chance! The game is available for one player as well as for the group. You can call your buddies to join and together you will make a perfect team of runners. The competitive option allows you to fight against the rivals and you can do that as single player or a part of the company. Have fun in the game and invent your unique way of failing – get ready to wear the crown of the winner in the end! Run fast, act bravely, and enjoy the process from the very first second to the last one! Fail like a boss and show your superiority!

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