Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout


Funny and cute, these runners will take part in the most massive race in the world! Are you ready to join? Become one of the adorable contestants and make your way to the finish line. Run as fast as you can and try to overcome other players all around you – there are no rules here, which means that they will try to do everything in order to win this struggle. Everything! They can dash, push, fight, bounce, and do whatever comes to their heads, but you can do that as well. Show how crazy you are and invent the most creative way to deal with your rivals and run through the road filled with challenging obstacles – most of them are absolutely bizarre and tricky! The escalation will be incredibly tough, but enjoyable, so are you ready? We bet you will be absolutely delighted.

The game encourages you to overcome the laws of gravitation and physics as a whole. You will become the greatest runner in this race if you will do your best and stumble across every character that meets you on the hilarious way to victory. Or failure. Failing in this game is equally nice and funny – all in all, this is a huge race of the funniest guys in the universe. Don’t be shy to make mistakes and silly moves – this game is perfect for that. Your quest is starting and you are here to get a crown of the best runner or the most awesome loser. The Ultimate Knockout is waiting for you to join – numerous runners are already standing on the starting point!
The game includes a number of different features to try. For example, there is a mode called Massive Pandemonium and this one is an online competition. Here you will stumble at the great deal of different funny challenges, mad obstacles, and strange places. This is an online multiplayer game where you have to deal with other gamers and try to overcome them all if you can. Hope, you can get through the crowd and make your way to the finish line unharmed – the other gamers will try to beat you down toughly. Only those who manage to win the race and reach the finish can move to the next level and start another fight. The number of rounds is nearly endless, so have fun! The game allows you to cooperate and compete with your opponents – you can arrange the team and act together as a single organism! Help each other and your way to victory will become easier and even more engaging. There are both competitive and cooperative challenges, so choose the most suitable way you like better and enjoy. Don’t get eliminated if you can!

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