Fall Guys Beta


It is not that easy to find the beta version of the game after the full one is already on the run. When the complete games appear on the screens, all demos and betas are usually removed from the public access. However, what if you haven’t seen it yet? Or else, what if you really liked that small version? The biggest fans of games value all the content connected with their favorite titles. Fall Guys is one of the most popular multiplayers of the last decade and we bet that numerous of fans would appreciate an opportunity to play beta version again, especially considering the fact that it is extremely cute! The characters from the beta version are even more adorable than their final version, so you have to see them anyway.

Play the amazing game right now and enjoy the short beta right here, on this page. In the game, you will receive a task – run fast to the finish line and be speedier than any of your rivals. Do your best to win the race! Unlike the further full version of the game, this one doesn’t have too many levels and competitions, as well as various modes that have been added a bit later. As the beta version, this one doesn’t have all the customization options and opportunities to change your runners too much. The restricted version is still incredible engaging and we are pretty sure that all fans will be delighted by it! Play now – you won’t find this version anywhere else! It is a rarity and we have managed to find it and prepare for you, our dear visitors. You are welcome to play the game right now and have fun alone or with your friends. When you have finished playing the beta, join the full version – we have it as well. You will easily find it in the same section of our website.

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