Fall Guys Android


A truly unique battle royale game where you will take part in a funny and even a bit strange competition. Fall Guys is now available for your Android device, which means that you can stay in the game no matter where you are – whether at home, our anywhere else. The game is engaging and very addictive, so we bet that you have been waiting for the mobile version patiently – this is the real reassure for real fans, which allows you to stay tuned all the time. So, what is waiting for you in the game? Everything you have already seen in the computer version. The developers have adapted their masterpiece for the small screens just perfectly – all the features, characters, and visual elements are present here. The small screen won’t make your enjoyment any smaller – the game feels just great. The controls are super simple and now you can control your runner tapping the screen of your phone or tablet with your finger. So easy!

Fall Guys is the ultimate competition where you have to compete (and cooperate if you want to) with fifty-nine other players. The game consists of matches and every match is divided into several rounds. Each round encourages you to run to the finish and win the race. However, this is not all – the game has numerous small tasks for you. These missions should be accomplished the rounds and in case you fail to do that, you will have no chance to move to the next level. Only those players who manage to deal with the task can move further, so do your best and solve the puzzles perfectly – this will allow you to continue playing. The mini-games for every round have different formats. Some of them are individual – you should complete them on your own. The others are for a team or pair of players, so you will have to unite with your buddies to get through. Each small task has the conditions to meet. For example, you might need to run faster than all of your rivals and in case you will do that, the game will be passed. The levels depend on your success – the game will last until the only one player stays and he will be the real winner and the king! Challenge yourself right now and see if you can become one! The game is super-engaging and very adorable, so we are happy to present this mobile version for Android to you – play it online at any time you want to enjoy Fall Guys! We bet that you will like the game!

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